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Create an account on

In order to conclude this process, you need to have an account on

Go to and go through the signup process. We'll wait.

Log in on

Visit and log in to the site.

Visit the pandas project and "fork" it

The most convenient way to create and share changes on Github is by creating a fork of a project. In this fork, you may make whatever changes you want. When you're ready to request review of those changes, that is a separate process.

To make the fork, go to:

Click the "fork" word in the top-right corner.

Finally, you should

Update your own computer to refer to that new fork

Open up the terminal program appropriate for your platform:

  • On Windows, choose "Git Bash": click Start->Programs->Git->Git Bash
  • On OS X, choose Terminal
  • On a Linux system, choose gnome-terminal or your favorite terminal

Within that, type these commands:

cd ~/projects
cd pandas

This should put you in the project directory for pandas. The next commands we will type affect where git looks for updated versions of the pandas code.

This first set of commands renames the main project to be called "upstream":

git remote rm origin
git remote add upstream

Finally, you will add your new fork as "origin". To do that, you will need to know your Github username.

Type the following command in:

git remote add origin

To make sure it worked, type the following command:

git fetch origin

If it prints either nothing, or an informative message, then you are golden!

If you get an error message, do talk to a staff member.

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