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Thanks for reading this laptop setup guide! We wrote this guide to make setting up your computer as easy as possible. We do know that sometimes things can be confusing, or our guide might be wrong or out of date, so if you have any questions, please get in touch with a staff volunteer!

Table of Contents

How to use this page

Go through each goal one by one, choosing the link corresponding to your operating system.

If you have any questions or problems with the development environment setup, please email "" before the event, or ask a staff member to help at the venue!

Goal #1: set up Python

This section has instructions for installing Python and running Python from a command prompt.

Goal #2: prepare a text editor

In addition to being able to run Python, we are going to install a good text editor for writing and saving Python code during the workshop.

If you would like to use a different text editor from the recommendation for your operating system, please let a staff member know.

Goal #3: practice starting and exiting Python

We'll do a lot of practicing at a Python prompt (this is "interactive" because you are typing the code and hitting enter to run it yourself, instead of running it from a file). So let's practice starting and exiting Python:

Goal #4: Install git

Git is a version control system that pandas uses to record, share, and track changes to the code as it evolves over time. In this section, we will help you install git and make sure it is properly configured.

Goal #5: Configure a C compiler

Goal #6: install pandas

pandas is the Python library that we will be focusing on, during the morning tutorial, and during the afternoon sprint.

Goal #7: Configure your Github account

That's it

Hooray! Congratulations.