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ionPulse IDE


0.1 CODE REVIEW, documentation

search & replace

  • mark occurences in editor on clicking on varname

editor handler

  • handles key presses, such as tab, (shift) enter etc
  • autoindent on new line
  • home button should go to beginning of the text, after the whitespace
  • tabulator should not indent if not on the start of the line

new file

UTF8 editor

project tree

  • limit max length of each item (+joined ones) - use dots in the middle with full info as a tooltip
  • color coding

show trailing whitespaces

bug: caret is gone on refocus editor until a char is typed

0.2 CODE REVIEW, documentation

reparse files on save

search & replace in files

  • should be possible to delete some results after reviewing

trim trailing whitespaces

parse php in background thread

layout manager

  • vertical/horizontal split source code tabs e.g. for tests/code
  • support center, north, west, south, east directions to add sub-zones/panels

0.3 CODE REVIEW, documentation


  • editor reparse on the fly
  • editor position -> php scope
  • typehinting: parse phpDoc

improve Treemodel to provide icons and fonts for dir view

project: move TreeModel to overridable factory

  • make php project override it and add decorators for tree model getData to provide icons, font sizes etc


  • colors
  • fonts
  • indentation

preference dialog to manage config

syntax formatter

tools menu with commands to invoke for dir/file

  • checkstyle
  • phpunit
  • phpspec

html, css, js highlight

? tdd/bdd helper -> switch to/from test by configurable rules

? textMate bundle support

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