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This repository contains a configuration file that can be used to syntax highlight Nix expressions in mcedit, the editor that comes with Midnight Commander.

Features supported:

  • Keywords
  • Single and multi-line comments
  • Strings, indented strings
  • Integer, float, null and boolean literals
  • Separators
  • Nix builtins
  • Limited URL and path support
  • Limited anti-quotation support


There are two ways to use the syntax configuration file.

Manual installation

Manual installation can be done by copying the nix.syntax file to the corresponding user's configuration folder:

$ mkdir -p ~/.config/mc/mcedit
$ cp nix.syntax ~/.config/mc/mcedit

Then we must create our own personalized version of the syntax configuration file. We can save a copy of the syntax file as follows:

  • Open mcedit
  • Unfold the 'Options' menu (F9 -> 'Options')
  • Pick the option 'Syntax file`
  • Press 'F2 (save)` to save.

It may happen that you see an error message about write permissions. Restore write permissions as follows:

$ chmod 644 ~/.config/mc/mcedit/Syntax

Finally, add the following lines to the configuration file above the unknown entry:

file ..\*\\.nix$ Nix\sExpression
include /home/sander/.config/mc/mcedit/nix.syntax

Now the syntax highlighting should work.

Deploying a modified Midnight Commander with the Nix package manager

Alternatively, we can use a Nix expression that patches the Midnight Commander in the Nixpkgs repository to include the Nix expression syntax as part of the default installation.

A Nix-enabled mc distribution can be installed into the user profile as follows:

$ nix-env -f default.nix -i mc


The contents of this package uses the same license as Midnight Commander, the GPLv3 or higher.