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Remember how to run all your shell based workflows.

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This is a fork of Taskfile, optimised as a task runner. See for the original project.

This repository contains the runner for getting started in your own projects. It runs task files, a bash (or zsh etc.) script that contains functions that can be called via the runner. The runner detects any task files in the current, parent, grandparent etc directory of the directory you're in. These must be called .Taskfile or .Taskfile.local. The difference is only in that the former should be added to a project's version control, and the latter should be added to .gitignore.

The in this repository, when added to a directory in your PATH, contains the runner and help function which lists all the detected tasks.

An example .Taskfile could look like this:

# Example taskfile
sw() {
  # git fuzzy branch switcher.
  git switch $(git branch | grep $1 | head -n1)

And to run a task:

$ t sw CSW-22
Using: /Users/sander/.Taskfile
Using: /Users/sander/dev/.Taskfile
Switched to branch 'feature/CSW-22-automatic-language-redirection'
Your branch is up to date with 'origin/feature/CSW-22-automatic-language-redirection'.
Task completed in 0m0.043s


To "install", git clone this repo and add a symlink to to you a directory in your path, such as ~/bin/t. Make the symlink executable. Klaar is kees!

$ git clone && cd Taskfile
$ ln -s $PWD/ ~/bin/t
$ chmod +x ~/bin/t


Open your directory and create a new .Taskfile. Edit it with your favourite editor and add your tasks.

To view available tasks, use t (which calls the help task):

$ t
Using: /Users/sander/.Taskfile
Using: /Users/sander/dev/.Taskfile
/Users/sander/bin/ <task> <args>
     1  edit
     2  help
     3  sw


Remember how to run all your shell based workflows.







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