Monster Hunter Generations secondary homebrew exploit
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This repo only contains the exploit itself.

For the primary installer (JPN only) see here:

For the secondary installer (all regions) see here:

This is a secondary homebrew exploit for Monster Hunter Generations. It works
for the JPN, EUR and USA regions of the game, using the latest game updates.

You can update the otherapp payload by holding the "R" button when you trigger
the exploit. A screen should then display that will allow you to pick your
system version and region.

There are some notable limitations for this exploit:
  * It only works on New 3DS systems. This is because game uses extended memory
    mode on Old 3DS systems.
  * It must be installed on the system you want to use it on. This is because
    the exploit uses the game's ExtData which is stored on the SD card, not the
    game cart.
  * You will no longer be able to post certain quests in the Hunters Hub. If
    you install the exploit as an event quest, you wont be able to post event
    quests. If you install the exploit as a challenge quest, you wont be able to
    post challenge quests. But you should still be able to join event/challenge
    quests that other players post.

Technical details can be found on the wiki:

You can report issues, get the latest version, and view the source at:

A compiled version can be found at:

Special Thanks:
  Kiranico, plutoo, yellows8, imanoob, AuroraWright, smealum, Gelex
  ~ everyone else that answered my random questions on #3dsdev and #Cakey