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Proxy server for installing Monster Hunter Generations "primary" homebrew exploit
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**** Archiving this project because I've moved to GitLab ****

The Monster Hunter X v1.3.0 update added the RSA signature checking code
from Generations and since you need to update to get to the DLC section, this
installation method is dead forever.
You can still install as a secondary exploit:

This Python script is used to install the "primary" homebrew exploit for
Monster Hunter X. It only works for the JPN region of the game, using the
latest game update.

The script is compatible with Python 2.7+ and 3.5+ and requires the "twisted"
and "pycrypto" modules. You can install these modules from the command line
like this:
  pip install --user twisted pycrypto

You can run the script from the command line like this:
  python encryption_key

The "encryption_key" needs to be the current DLC encryption key. You will need
someone else with homebrew or CFW to use this homebrew application to get the
DLC encryption key:

Once the script is running you can install the exploit to your game by changing
your 3DS proxy settings to point to the computer the script is running on and
port 8080. Next go into the game's "Download" option from the main menu and
install either the first Event quest or Challenge quest.

After you install the quest you can shutdown the script running on your
computer and reset/disable the proxy settings on your 3DS.

*** The first time you run the exploit (or after you do a system update), press
and hold the "R" button when triggering the exploit. This should display a
screen where you can select your current system version and region. ***

To run the exploit just go to the offline Hunters Hub and try posting an Event
quest or Challenge quest, depending on which you selected when installing.

To uninstall the exploit, select the "Download" option in the game's main menu
and re-download the first Challenge or Event quest (depending on which you
selected while installing). Keep this in mind when using the "Download" option
normally so that you don't accidentally uninstall the exploit.

There are some notable limitations for this exploit:
  * It only works on New 3DS systems. This is because game uses extended memory
    mode on Old 3DS systems.
  * It must be installed on the system you want to use it on. This is because
    the exploit uses the game's ExtData which is stored on the SD card, not the
    game cart.
  * You will no longer be able to post certain quests in the Hunters Hub. If
    you install the exploit as an Event quest, you wont be able to post Event
    quests. If you install the exploit as a Challenge quest, you wont be able to
    post Challenge quests. But you should still be able to join Event/Challenge
    quests that other players post.

For more information about the exploit, see this repo:

You can report issues, get the latest version, and view the source at:

An archive including the script and exploit files can be found at:

Special Thanks:
  Kiranico, plutoo, yellows8, imanoob, AuroraWright, smealum, Gelex
  ~ everyone else that answered my random questions on #3dsdev and #Cakey