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a plugin for inserting Snippets into a Wolf CMS page

STATUS: code and feature complete.

Menu with Snippets Button for every Snippet Settings page
menu buttons settings

Easily insert any Snippet's code anywhere in your Page

Easysnippet displays the full list of all your Snippets in a menu, so that you can
use them quickly while editing a Page.

When a menu option is selected or a button is clicked, the corresponding Snippet
code is inserted into your Page at the cursor.

An option to display buttons instead (for when you don't have that many snippets)
can be enabled in the Settings panel.


For WolfCMS v0.8.3 or above use GitHub's Download ZIP button.

Last version compatible with lower versions of WolfCMS is at 7354993f.


Just remove -master from the folder name, if you used GitHub's button to download a ZIP.
Put the resulting folder in your wolf/plugins/ folder, so that the file index.php
is in wolf/plugins/easysnippet/index.php and enable the plugin in Administration tab.

Bugs and Improvements

Take a look at


Code is under MIT license, unless otherwise mentioned in the file.