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Update to clarify generator binding

Answers issues such as #200
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@@ -21,7 +21,7 @@ For how to write custom Python extensions, see the [extensions guide](extensions
+ Generators **must be declared by name** in the TestSet config for them to be used
+ Generator bindings evaluate once per HTTP call:
- **Only once per Test**, and **multiple times for a Benchmark**
- + Generator bindings only apply to the Test/Benchmark they are declared in. New values are generated only when the binding is evaluated.
+ + Generator bindings are re-evaluated (and a new value generated) every time they are declared in a Test/Benchmark. Once the value has been generated, it can be used in all subsequent tests (unless that variable is bound to something else).
3. **Data may be extracted from the HTTP response body** with the 'extract_binds' element in a test.
+ Note that if the request fails, the data cannot be set (nothing to work with)
+ Currently, this is unsupported for benchmarks: using extraction doesn't make sense because benchmarks should be isolated.

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