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  • [COOK-692] - delete package conf.d files in module recipes, for EL
  • [COOK-1693] - Foodcritic finding for unnecessary string interpolation
  • [COOK-1757] - platform_family and better style / usage practices


re-releasing as .16 due to error on tag 1.1.14

  • [COOK-1466] - add mod_auth_cas recipe
  • [COOK-1609] - apache2 changes ports.conf twice per run when using apache2::mod_ssl


  • [COOK-1436] - restore apache2 web_app definition
  • [COOK-1356] - allow ExtendedStatus via attribute
  • [COOK-1403] - add mod_fastcgi recipe


  • [COOK-1315] - allow the default site to not be enabled
  • [COOK-1328] - cookbook tests (minitest, cucumber)


  • Some platforms with minimal installations that don't have perl won't have a node['languages']['perl'] attribute, so remove the conditional and rely on the power of idempotence in the package resource.
  • [COOK-1214] - address foodcritic warnings
  • [COOK-1180] - add mod_logio and fix mod_proxy


FreeBSD users: This release requires the freebsd cookbook. See

  • [COOK-1025] - freebsd support in mod_php5 recipe


  • [COOK-1100] - support amazon linux


  • [COOK-996] - apache2::mod_php5 can cause PHP and module API mismatches
  • [COOK-1083] - return string for v_f_p and use correct value for default


  • [COOK-861] - Add mod_perl and apreq2
  • [COOK-941] - fix mod_auth_openid on FreeBSD
  • [COOK-1021] - add a commented-out LoadModule directive to keep apxs happy
  • [COOK-1022] - consistency for icondir attribute
  • [COOK-1023] - fix platform test for attributes
  • [COOK-1024] - fix a2enmod script so it runs cleanly on !bash
  • [COOK-1026] - fix error_log location on FreeBSD


  • COOK-548 - directory resource doesn't have backup parameter


  • COOK-915 - update to mod_auth_openid version 0.6, see Recipes/mod_auth_openid below.
  • COOK-548 - Add support for FreeBSD.


  • COOK-859 - don't hardcode module paths


  • Tickets resolved in this release: COOK-788, COOK-782, COOK-780


  • Red Hat family support is greatly improved, all recipes except god_monitor converge.
  • Recipe mod_auth_openid now works on RHEL family distros
  • Recipe mod_php5 will now remove config from package on RHEL family so it doesn't conflict with the cookbook's.
  • Added php5.conf.erb template for mod_php5 recipe.
  • Create the run state directory for mod_fcgid to prevent a startup error on RHEL version 6.
  • New attribute node['apache']['lib_dir'] to handle lib vs lib64 on RHEL family distributions.
  • New attribute node['apache']['group'].
  • Scientific Linux support added.
  • Use a file resource instead of the generate-module-list executed perl script on RHEL family.
  • "default" site can now be disabled.
  • web_app now has an "enable" parameter.
  • Support for dav_fs apache module.
  • Tickets resolved in this release: COOK-754, COOK-753, COOK-665, COOK-624, COOK-579, COOK-519, COOK-518
  • Fix node references in template for a2dissite
  • Use proper user and group attributes on files and templates.
  • Replace the anemic README.rdoc with this new and improved superpowered :).
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