v3.2.2 (2016-04-13)

@svanzoest svanzoest released this Apr 14, 2016 · 18 commits to master since this release

  • [GH-420] Allow auto-conversion if either of apache.listen_ports or apache.listen_addresses are set rather than '&&'. This ensures conversion occurs if only one of the two is set.


v3.2.1 (2016-04-11)

@svanzoest svanzoest released this Apr 11, 2016 · 21 commits to master since this release

  • [GH-225] notify restart instead of reload service on apache_conf, apache_config
  • Update to foodcritic 6


v3.2.0 (2016-03-26)

@svanzoest svanzoest released this Mar 27, 2016 · 30 commits to master since this release

  • [GH-378] Deprecates apache.listen_addresses and apache.listen_ports infavor of [GH-409]
  • [GH-409] apache.listen now accepts an array of addr:port strings
  • [GH-358] FreeBSD: Update 10.1 support; Adds php 5.6 in collaboration with chef-cookbooks/php#119
  • [GH-394] Have apache.prefork.serverlimit set ServerLimit directive on 2.4
  • [GH-363] Escape '.' in regex for .htaccess/.htpasswd files
  • [GH-365] Force log directory creation to be recursive
  • [GH-368] Change the service creation to use the apache.service_name attribute throughout
  • [GH-374] Make metadata.rb compatible with chef versions < 12.
  • [GH-382] Fixed typo in node['platform_family'] for NameError in mod_proxy_html
  • [GH-369] README: Added on Ubuntu mod_fastcgi requires multiverse apt repository to enabled.
  • [GH-381] README: Add missing backtick
  • [GH-384] README: Fix names for a2enconf and a2disconf
  • [GH-393] README: mention availability of mod_actions support
  • [GH-383] Debian: Add possibility to use other releases via apache.default_release
  • [GH-377] Restart service when including mod_headers to allow healing of failed service because of missing directives.
  • [GH-416] Change the default of apache.mod_fastcgi.install_method to 'package' all platforms, as source is no longer available.
  • [GH-401] Move mod_deflate to apache.default_modules and no longer force installation on debian families.
  • [GH-386] Do not install an extra mod_ssl package on SUSE Linux Enterprise
  • [GH-335] Do not hardcoded reload/restart on more modern rhel platforms, allowing systemd on CentOS 7
  • [GH-375] Install package mod_ldap on CentOS 7 (triggered by apache.version == 2.4)
  • Update apache.mod_ssl.cipher_suite to latest from https://bettercrypto.org/
  • README: Re-organize README to make it easier to find usage and remove old references.
  • Added new standard and missing modules (Note: these may not be available natively on all operating systems)
    • mod_http2 - Support for the HTTP/2 transport layer. (available since 2.4.17)
    • mod_authnz_fcgi - Enable FastCGI authorizer applications to authenticate and/or authorize clients. (available since 2.4.10)
    • mod_cern_meta - CERN httpd metafile semantics
    • mod_ident - RFC 1413 ident lookups
    • mod_privileges - Support for Solaris privileges and for running virtual hosts under different user IDs.
    • mod_socache_dc - Distcache based shared object cache provider.
    • mod_version - Version dependent configuration
    • mod_watchdog - Provides infrastructure for other modules to periodically run tasks


v3.1.0 (2015-05-25)

@svanzoest svanzoest released this May 25, 2015 · 131 commits to master since this release

  • [GH-315] Fix apache.default_site_name .conf extension references to ensure deletion
  • [GH-258] Use apache.default_site_name for consistency, minimize hardcoding of filenames
  • [GH-259] Add && sleep 1 to end of apache restart command on rhel-based systems using apache2.2
  • [GH-271] Remove FreeBSD 9.x, Red Hat and CentOS 5.x and OpenSUSE 11.x Series from tests and focus on newer releases
  • [GH-276] Add psych gem to development gems
  • [GH-293] Add apache.mod_fastcgi.install_method flag to allow install of mod_fastcgi from source (even on Debian family)
  • [GH-285] Made apache.devel_package configurable based on platform, including support for Amazon Linux.
  • [GH-316] Update Opscode references to Chef
  • [GH-318] Apply default recipe in all definitions
  • [GH-320] Add attribute to adjust apache.default_site_port
  • [GH-321] Fix issue with default_site name in not_if guards
  • [GH-322] Add apache.mod_ssl.pkg_name to allow custom mod_ssl package names. Set defaults for supported platforms including Amazon Linux
  • [GH-323] Don't create the default site configuration file in sites-available unless it is enabled.
  • [GH-324] Add apache.mod_ssl.port to set the default ssl port to something other than 443
  • [GH-328] Add the ability to pass in a pipe as to log
  • [GH-332] SSLStrictSNIVHostCheck is only written to config if enabled to avoid breaking apache prior to 2.2.12.
  • [GH-334] Removed iptables, god-monitor, and logrotate recipes to avoid having external dependencies. These services should be managed in a wrapper cookbook going forward.
  • [GH-339] Allow custom names for php so_filename (node['apache']['mod_php5']['so_filename'])


v3.0.1 (2015-02-11)

@svanzoest svanzoest released this Feb 12, 2015 · 226 commits to master since this release

  • [GH-310] Ubuntu Apache 2.2 requires the lock_dir to be owned by www-data
  • [GH-309] Clarify that apache.version is a string
  • [GH-305] Restart service after MPM changes
  • [GH-304] Don't install systemd module on Amazon Linux
  • [GH-298] Add non-threaded MPM break notice for PHP users
  • [GH-296] Create lock_dir automatically


v3.0.0 (2014-11-30)

@svanzoest svanzoest released this Dec 1, 2014 · 280 commits to master since this release

Major version update because of SSL Improvements and new platform MPM and Version defaults.

  • [GH-286] Refactor MPM and Apache version defaults: default is now apache 2.4
  • [GH-281] mod_ssl: Disable SSLv3 by default to protect against POODLE attack (CVE-2014-3566)
  • [GH-280] mod_ssl: Major update with modern Cipher Suite, and best practices. Updated to a more modern default apache.mod_ssl.cipher_suite. Added the following additional mod_ssl attributes
    • apache.mod_ssl.honor_cipher_order
    • apache.mod_ssl.insecure_renegotiation
    • apache.mod_ssl.strict_sni_vhost_check
    • apache.mod_ssl.session_cache_timeout
    • apache.mod_ssl.compression
    • apache.mod_ssl.use_stapling
    • apache.mod_ssl.stapling_responder_timeout
    • apache.mod_ssl.stapling_return_responder_errors
    • apache.mod_ssl.stapling_cache
    • apache.mod_ssl.pass_phrase_dialog
    • apache.mod_ssl.mutex
    • apache.mod_ssl.directives
  • [GH-278] Improved chefspec tests execution time
  • [GH-277] Optimize files watching for Guard on Win32 platform
  • [GH-270] Don't attempt start until after configuration is written
  • [GH-268] Now uses chefspec 4.1
  • [GH-267] Use Supermarket as the Berkshelf 3 source
  • [GH-266] Rubocop based ruby style/syntax improvements
  • [GH-264] mod_ssl: Add new attribute for to be ready to any custom directive
  • [GH-249] Don't prepend Apache log path when requesting error logging to syslog
  • [GH-247] Explicitly include mod_ldap before mod_authnz_ldap
  • [GH-243] Expand mpm options for different distros/versions.
  • [GH-239] Added apache.mod_php5.install_method attribute defaults to package. Install packages unless PHP is compiled from source.
  • OneHealth Solutions was acquired by Viverae
  • Remove ArchLinux pacman as a dependency and handle similar to apt, yum, zypper
  • Adjust ubuntu apache 2.4 docroot_dir to match package (from /var/www to /var/www/html)
  • [GH-238] Bump service config syntax check guard timeout to 10 seconds
  • [GH-235] Removed apache2::mpm_itk which is not part of core and therefore should be its own cookbook
  • [GH-234] /var/run/httpd/mod_fcgid directory now belongs to apache on Fedora/RHEL systems.
  • [GH-233] Default web_app template should return 503 status code when maintenance file is present
  • [GH-232] Cookbook now deletes a2* if they are symlinks before dropping template versions
  • [GH-222] Set TraceEnable to off by default.
  • [GH-213] Adjust chefspec to use the package resource on FreeBSD (previously freebsd_package)
  • [GH-212] New attribute apache.locale which sets LANG. defaults to 'C'
  • [GH-210] Clarify web_app definition usage around configuration templates.
  • [GH-208] apache_conf now accepts source and


v2.0.0 (2014-08-06)

@svanzoest svanzoest released this Aug 7, 2014 · 434 commits to master since this release

  • [GH-204] mod_auth_openid: Added apache.mod_auth_openid.version attribute
  • FreeBSD support has been improved with the release of chef 11.14.2, portsnap is no longer used in favor of pkgng.
  • [GH-157] - Apache will only be started when a configuration test passes, this allows the chef run to fix any broken configuration without failing the chef run.
  • apache.log_dir directory is now 0755 on all platforms (including the debian platform family)
  • [GH-166, GH-173] - conf.d is no longer used and replaced by conf-available and conf-enabled managed via the a2enconf and a2disconf scripts
  • [GH-166, GH-173] - All configuration files need to end in .conf for them to be loaded
  • [GH-173] - Perl is a required package on all platforms to support the a2* scripts as we now use the debian versions directly.
  • [GH-193] - per MPM settings: maxclients is now maxrequestworkers
  • [GH-194] - per MPM settings: maxrequestsperchild is now maxconnectionsperchild
  • [GH-161] - Added support for CentOS 7
  • [GH-180] - Improved SuSE support
  • [GH-100] - Apache HTTP 2.4 support
    This provides Apache 2.4 support in a backwards compatible way.
    It adds the following new attributes:

    • apache.version - This defaults to 2.2 and if changed to 2.4; it triggers and assumes 2.4 packages will be installed.
    • apache.mpm - In 2.4 mode, this specifies which mpm to install. Default is prefork.
    • apache.run_dir
    • apache.lock_dir
    • apache.libexec_dir replaces apache.libexecdir
    • apache.prefork.maxrequestworkers replaces apache.prefork.maxclients
    • apache.prefork.maxconnectionsperchild replaces apache.prefork.maxrequestsperchild
    • apache.worker.threadlimit
    • apache.worker.maxrequestworkers replaces apache.worker.maxclients
    • apache.worker.maxconnectionsperchildreplaces apache.worker.maxrequestsperchild
    • apache.event.startservers
    • apache.event.serverlimit
    • apache.event.minsparethreads
    • apache.event.maxsparethreads
    • apache.event.threadlimit
    • apache.event.threadsperchild
    • apache.event.maxrequestworkers
    • apache.event.maxconnectionsperchild
    • apache.itk.startservers
    • apache.itk.minspareservers
    • apache.itk.maxspareservers
    • apache.itk.maxrequestworkers
    • apache.itk.maxconnectionsperchild

    Apache 2.4 Upgrade Notes:

    Since the changes between apache 2.2 and apache 2.4 are pretty significant, we are unable to account for all changes needed for your upgrade. Please take a moment to familiarize yourself with the Apache Software Foundation provided upgrade documentation before attempting to use this cookbook with apache 2.4. See http://httpd.apache.org/docs/current/upgrading.html

    • This cookbook does not automatically specify which version of apache to install. We are at the mercy of the package provider. It is important, however, to make sure that you configure the apache.version attribute to match. For your convenience, we try to set reasonable defaults based on different platforms in our test suite.
    • mod_proxy - In 2.4 mode, apache.proxy.order, apache.proxy.deny_from, apache.proxy.allow_from are ignored, as the attributes can not be supported in a backwards compatible way. Please use apache.proxy.require instead.


v1.11.0 (2014-07-25)

@svanzoest svanzoest released this Jul 25, 2014 · 724 commits to master since this release

  • GH-152 - Checking if server_aliases is defined in example
  • GH-106 - Only turn rewrite on once in web_app.conf.erb
  • GH-156 - Correct mod_basic/digest recipe names in README
  • Recipe iptables now includes the iptables::default recipe
  • Upgrade test-kitchen to latest version
  • Replaced minitest integration tests with serverspec tests
  • Added chefspec tests



@svanzoest svanzoest released this Apr 24, 2014 · 812 commits to master since this release



@svanzoest svanzoest released this Apr 10, 2014 · 828 commits to master since this release

  • COOK-4490 - Fix minitest apache_configured_ports helper
  • COOK-4491 - Fix minitest: escape regex interpolation
  • COOK-4492 - Fix service[apache2] CHEF-3694 duplication
  • COOK-4493 - Fix template[ports.conf] CHEF-3694 duplication

As of 2014-04-04 and per Community Cookbook Diversification this cookbook now maintained by OneHealth Solutions. Please be patient as we get into the swing of things.