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Prometheus exporter for Unbound DNS resolver
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Coverage Status MIT licensed Minimum rustc version

Unbound DNS resolver metrics exporter for Prometheus


  • Communicates with unbound via TLS, UDS socket or shared memory
  • Compatible with kumina/unbound_exporter; your dashboard should just work
  • Small binary size (~2 Mb after strip) and memory footprint (~10 Kb)
  • Takes ~10 ms to respond with gathered metrics
  • Blazing fast!

Platform support

This project is developed, manually and automatically tested with Linux.

Following platforms are tested in the CI environment and expected to work:

  • Windows
  • FreeBSD
  • NetBSD
  • macOS

OpenBSD is not tested right now, but it might work also.

Note that communication via UDS socket or shared memory is not supported for Windows.


From sources

  1. Rust language compiler version >= 1.39 is required
  2. Clone the repository
  3. Run the following command
    $ cargo build --release
  4. Get the compiled executable from the ./target/release/unbound-telemetry


HTTP interface is available at by default and can be changed via CLI arguments.

TLS socket

First of all, enable remote-control option in the unbound.conf, configure control interface address and TLS if needed.

Run the following command to see possible flags and options:

$ unbound-telemetry tls --help

Unix domain socket

Similar to TLS socket, you need to enable remote-control option first.

Run the following command to see possible flags and options:

$ unbound-telemetry uds --help

Shared memory

Enable shm-enable option in the unbound.conf and run the following command:

$ unbound-telemetry shm --help


/healthcheck URL can be used for automated monitoring; in case when exporter is not able to access the unbound instance, HTTP 500 error will be returned, response body will contain plain text error description.


This Grafana dashboard can be used to show all metrics provided by this exporter.


unbound-telemetry is released under the MIT License.


If you appreciate my work and want to support me or this project, you can do it here.

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