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Publish with relations

Publish with relations builds on Tom's gist to provide a convenient way to publish associated records.


Publish with relations can be installed with Meteorite. From inside a Meteorite-managed app:

$ mrt add publish-with-relations



  Meteor.publish('post', function(id) {
      handle: this,
      collection: Posts,
      filter: id,
      mappings: [{
        key: 'authorId',
        collection: Meteor.users
      }, {
        reverse: true,
        key: 'postId',
        collection: Comments,
        filter: { approved: true },
        options: {
          limit: 10,
          sort: { createdAt: -1 }
        mappings: [{
          key: 'userId',
          collection: Meteor.users

This will publish the post specified by id parameter together with user profile of its author and a list of ten approved comments with their author profiles as well.

With one call we publish a post to the Posts collection, post comments to the Comments collection and corresponding authors to the Meteor.users collection so we have all the data we need to display a post.

You can check another (more complex) example at this gist.



  • Foreign key can be an array now. Thanks Tom!

Compatibility notes

Use <= v0.1.1 for meteor version < 0.5.7