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import base64
import json
import re
import boto3
def basicAuth(event, context):
# if a basic auth header is set, use that to find the correct user/token
if 'Authorization' in event['headers']:
authorizationHeader = event['headers']['Authorization']
b64_token = authorizationHeader.split(' ')[-1]
# decode the base64 encoded header value
username, token = base64.b64decode(b64_token).decode("utf-8").split(':')
# search for the given api key
client = boto3.client('apigateway')
response = client.get_api_keys(nameQuery=username, includeValues=True)
# if no keys found, deny access
if len(response['items']) != 1:
print("Couldn't find key")
raise Exception('Unauthorized!')
# if the key value does not match, deny access
if response['items'][0]['value'] != token:
print("Key value mismatch")
raise Exception('Unauthorized!!')
# check if an x-api-token header is set, if so, take it as-is, api gateway
# will check the validity
elif 'x-api-key' in event['headers']:
username = 'token'
token = event['headers']['x-api-key']
# no authentication headers found, deny
print("No authentication header found")
raise Exception('Please provide authentication details')
# Return a policy which allows this user to access to this api
# this call is cached for all authenticated calls, so we need to give
# access to the whole api. This could be done by having a policyDocument
# for each available function, but I don't really care :)
arn = "%s/*" % '/'.join(event['methodArn'].split("/")[0:2])
authResponse = {
'principalId': username,
'usageIdentifierKey': token,
'policyDocument': {
'Version': '2012-10-17',
'Statement': [{
'Action': 'execute-api:Invoke',
'Effect': 'Allow',
'Resource': arn
print("Authentication response: %s" % authResponse)
return authResponse