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Sveetchies-documents is a Django application to manage text documents. It work almost like a Wiki except the collaborative way.


  • Usage of the ReStructuredText docutils parser;
  • Rich editor djangocodemirror;
  • Ergonomic form with django-crispy-forms;
  • Usage of autobreadcrumbs in Pages templates;
  • Usage of the Django cache system for the parser rendering;
  • Management board ready to use;
  • Two kind of documents :
    • Page : For full page documents with children pages in a sitemap tree;
    • Insert : For documents to insert as fragment in your templates;
  • Templatetags to use documents in your templates;
  • Fully internationalized;



Optionnaly (but recommended) you can install Pygments to have highlighted syntax in your sourcecode block :

Internationalization and localization

This application make usage of the Django internationalization system, see the Django documentation about this if you want to add a new language translation.

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