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<h4>Programming &amp; Design</h4>
<p>Sveinbjorn Thordarson (<a href=""></a>)</p>
<p>If you find Platypus useful, please consider
<a href="">making a donation</a> to support
further development.</p>
<p>Jon Hooper (Hexley DarwinOS Mascot Copyright 2000 by Jon Hooper. All Rights Reserved.)<br>
Troy Stephens (IconFamily class)<br>
Gianni Ceccarelli (Piping for AEWP)<br>
Uli Kusterer (UKKQueue class)<br>
Matt Gallagher (Temp file security)<br>
Adium developers (Droppable WebViews)<br>
Andy Matuschak (Sparkle framework)<br>
Ankur Kothari (</p>
<h4>Monetary Donators</h4>
<p><i>My heartfelt thanks go out to all those who have been kind enough to donate money in support of this project over the years:</i></p>
Oscar Linares<br>
Douglas Frick<br>
Franz Inc<br>
IPACS Hans-Borchers-Gruntjens<br>
Duane Voy<br>
Ted Van Duyn<br>
Robert Goeke<br>
Robert Morton<br>
Pauline McNamara<br>
William Restemeyer<br>
Samuel Schweizer<br>
Hossein Firooznia<br>
Marc Rohlfing<br>
Christophe Ambroise<br>
Roger Morrow<br>
Jason Sewell<br>
Peter Dobratz<br>
George B. Smith<br>
Mario Aeby <br>
Eric Jensen<br>
Ty Clendenny<br>
Robert Crews<br>
Pedro Estarque<br>
Bjoern Kriews<br>
Massimo Canali<br>
Robin Lake<br>
Martin Skladal<br>
Derick Fay<br>
Carlo Gandolfi<br>
Dan Young<br>
Johan Klassen<br>
George B Smith<br>
Gordon McCreight<br>
JJ Spreij<br>
Alexander da Franca Schulz<br>
Tim Douglas<br>
John Benford<br>
Lanny Rosicky<br>
TX512 Web Services<br>
David Lewis<br>
Jesus Toribio<br>
M S Pease<br>
Geza Bohus<br>
Chris Kozlowski<br>
Joachim Kuno<br>
Antal Perity<br>
Kem Mason<br>
Dirk Heisswolf<br>
Michael Moulton<br>
Waveright Consulting Group<br>
Sevay Tunc<br>
Samuel Schweizer<br>
Garin Hiebert<br>
Shea Ako<br>
Noel Lynch<br>
Kim Border<br>
Thomas Simpson<br>
Andew Prasad<br>
Dan Pritts<br>
Dean Bailey<br>
Matt Hildum<br>
Tom Bodine<br>
Henrik Aronsen<br>
Marc Wetli<br>
Jim Bumgardner<br>
Serge Polevitzky<br>
egoshooting gmbh<br>
Henry Cooke<br>
Nils Kollandsrud<br>
Silvan Zurbruegg<br>
Eduardo Francos<br>
Ian Blackburn<br>
Noel Billig<br>
Charles Wallace<br>
Derek Knight<br>
Dan Young<br>
<h4>With special thanks to...</h4>
Wilfredo Sanchez, whose DropScript inspired me to create Platypus in the first place.<br>
Everyone at the <a href="">OmniGroup</a> Mac OS X Developer Mailing List<br>
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