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A base for building shareable Svelte components
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Psst — looking for an app template? Go here --> sveltejs/template


A base for building shareable Svelte components. Clone it with degit:

npx degit sveltejs/component-template my-new-component
cd my-new-component
npm install # or yarn

Your component's source code lives in src/index.svelte.


  • some firm opinions about the best way to test components
  • update degit so that it automates some of the setup work

Setting up

  • Run npm init (or yarn init)
  • Replace this README with your own

Consuming components

Your package.json has a "svelte" field pointing to src/index.svelte, which allows Svelte apps to import the source code directly, if they are using a bundler plugin like rollup-plugin-svelte or svelte-loader (where resolve.mainFields in your webpack config includes "svelte"). This is recommended.

For everyone else, npm run build will bundle your component's source code into a plain JavaScript module (index.mjs) and a UMD script (index.js). This will happen automatically when you publish your component to npm, courtesy of the prepublishOnly hook in package.json.

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