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This repository has been archived by the owner on Aug 11, 2019. It is now read-only.


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Command line interface for Svelte.


As of Svelte version 2.4.0, the CLI is integrated into the svelte package itself, and this package should no longer be used.

Why you shouldn't use this

svelte-cli is useful if you want to try out Svelte, but it's not recommended for serious production use. It will compile your components to standalone JavaScript files, but won't automatically recompile them when they change, and won't deduplicate code shared between your components.

Instead, we recommend using a bundler such as Rollup (with rollup-plugin-svelte), Webpack (with svelte-loader), or another integration listed here. See here for an easy get-started guide.


npm install -g svelte-cli


# get help
svelte --help

# generate a JavaScript module from MyComponent.html
svelte compile MyComponent.html > MyComponent.js
svelte compile -i MyComponent.html -o MyComponent.js

# generate a UMD module from MyComponent.html, inferring
# name from the filename ('MyComponent')
svelte compile -f umd MyComponent.html > MyComponent.js

# generate a UMD module, specifying the name
svelte compile -f umd -n CustomName MyComponent.html > MyComponent.js

# compile all .html files in components/
svelte compile -i src/components -o build/components