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Hooks for granular HMR support #2377

ekhaled opened this issue Apr 8, 2019 · 6 comments


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commented Apr 8, 2019

Follow up to recent conversation on discord regarding v3 support for HMR.

Let me list out the steps we need for a successful hot reload, and then maybe we can discuss if the core needs to change, or whether we can just monkey-patch stuff.

I'm going to gloss over the component resolution part, as I think we already have that handled in the v2 HMR code.

These steps happen when a hot reload process starts:

Step 1

Get the current state of the component and keep it somewhere.
Looks like component.$$.ctx gives us the whole state.
However, seems like it also returns computed properties, along with handlers and bindings?
Can we work out a way to just get the props (exported or otherwise)?

Step 2

Get the position in the DOM where the component is mounted
We normally add a comment marker just above the component, and store a reference to that comment node.
I think this can be achieved by the compiler using mount_component_dev.
mount_component_dev would first call mount_component, and then store a reference to target and anchor on $$.

Step 3

Destroy the old component
This can be easily achieved using component.$destroy().
We don't need any changes to support this.

Step 4

Render updated component in place of the old component
Here, we can mount the new component with mount_component_dev, using the target and anchor we collected on Step 2.

Step 5

Apply state from old component on to the new component
This I'm not sure at all.
We need to find a way to set the state.
Then we need to ensure that all computeds are up to date.
Will calling $$.update() re-run the computations?

I'll need your help/direction on step 1 and step 5.
I think I can do a PR for Step 2 and Step 4


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commented Apr 8, 2019

Thanks, this is very useful. The component.$$.ctx stuff is subject to change (see e.g. #2318 and #1922), so I think we should introduce new methods that are explicitly designed for this purpose — e.g. component.$capture_state() and component.$inject_state(captured_state). $inject_state would work basically the same way $set does currently, except that it would inject any local writable vars, not just exported ones.

Yep, $$.update() would recompute stuff, though again, perhaps we should create a dev-mode public method for that.

One thing I haven't wrapped my head round is if there are any subtle timing considerations around bind:this and lifecycle functions...


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commented Apr 8, 2019

I think the proposed $capture_state and $inject_state would pretty much cover it.
Of course, along with the dev-mode public version of $$update().

The only thing I forgot mention in the OP is...
Can we bring back _debugName from v2?
It gives us a nice name to put in the comment marker mentioned above, which we can then use in mount_component_dev.


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commented Apr 8, 2019

Yep, no reason why not


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commented Apr 8, 2019

Couple of things here are very useful/desirable in live cases too:
(some of this has cropped up in discord before)

  1. being able to capture complete state
    e.g. for persistence/restoration of components, esp. as apps grow

  2. dynamically changing the mount point of a component at runtime
    e.g. embedded edit form that can be reused in a list view, shown in situ under item being edited

If for some reason one or both of these are not surfaced as part of the public api, then to have them unofficially available would be very much appreciated, pretty please


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commented May 9, 2019

Any news on this issue?

@rixo rixo referenced this issue May 15, 2019


Svelte 3 HMR #92


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commented Jun 11, 2019

Using webpack I get sapper-dev-client.js errors on if ( === 'idle') { in Firefox because is undefined. Can be annoying when you break on exceptions.

Edit: this is when using the Sapper template which sets hotReload: false and links to this issue.

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