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Tiny, state-based, advanced router for SvelteJS.

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A completely different approach of routing. State-based router suggests that routing is just another global state and History API changes are just an optional side-effects of this state.


  • Zero-config.
  • Just another global state.
  • It doesn't impose any restrictions on how to apply this state to the application.
  • Manipulate different parts of a state (path/query/hash) separately.
  • Automatic parsing of the query params, optional parsing path params.
  • Helpers to work with navigation, links, and even forms.


npm i svelte-pathfinder --save-dev
yarn add svelte-pathfinder

CDN: UNPKG | jsDelivr (available as window.Pathfinder)

<script src=""></script>

<!-- OR in modern browsers -->

<script type="module" src=""></script>

URL schema to state




  • path - represents path segments of the URL as an object.
  • query - represents query params of the URL as an object.
  • fragment - represents fragment (hash) string of URL.
  • state - represents state object associated with the new history entry created by pushState().
  • url - represents full URL string.
  • pattern - function to match path patterns to path.params and return boolean result.


  • goto - perform navigation to the next router state by URL.
goto(url: String, state?: Object)
  • back - perform navigation to the previous router state.
back(path?: String)
  • redirect - update current url without new history record.
redirect(url: String, state?: Object)
  • click - handle click event from the link and perform navigation to its targets.
click(event: MouseEvent)
  • submit - handle submit event from the GET-form and perform navigation using its inputs.
submit(event: SubmitEvent)


  • prefs - preferences object
    • sideEffect - manually disable/enable History API usage (changing URL) (default: auto).
    • hashbang - manually activate hashbang-routing.
    • basePath - set base path if web app is located within a nested basepath.
    • convertTypes - disable converting types when parsing query/path parameters (default: true).
    • nesting - number of levels when pasring nested objects in query parameters (default: 3).
    • array.format - format for arrays in query parameters (possible values: 'bracket' (default), 'separator').
    • array.separator - if format is separator this field give you speficy which separator you want to use (default: ',').

To change the preferences, just import and change them somewhere on top of your code:

import { prefs } from 'svelte-pathfinder';

prefs.convertTypes = false;
prefs.array.format = 'separator';


Changing markup related to the router state

{#if $pattern('/products/:id')} <!-- eg. /products/1 -->
    <ProductView productId={$} />
{:else if $pattern('/products')} <!-- eg. /products?page=2&q=Apple -->
    <ProductsList page={$} search={$query.params.q} />
    <NotFound path={$path.toString()} />

<Modal open={$fragment === '#login'}>
    <LoginForm />

    import { path, query, fragment, pattern } from 'svelte-pathfinder';

Changing logic related to the router state

<svelte:component this={page} />

    import { path, pattern } from 'svelte-pathfinder';
    import routes from './routes.js';
    $: page = routes.find((route) => $pattern(route.match)) || null;
    $: if ($path.toString() === '/admin' && ! isAuthorized) {
        $path = '/forbidden';

User input

<input bind:value={$query.params.q} type="search" placeholder="Find...">

    import { query } from 'svelte-pathfinder';

Use with the other stores

import { derived } from 'svelte/store';
import asyncable from 'svelte-asyncable';
import { path, query } from 'svelte-pathfinder';

// with regular derived store
export const productData = derived(path, ($path, set) => {
    if ($'/products/')) {
            .then(res => res.json())
}, {});

// with svelte-asyncable
export const productsList = asyncable(async $query => {
    const res = await fetch(`/api/products${$query.toString()}`)
    return res.json();
}, undefined, [ query ]);

Directly bind & assign values to stores

<input bind:value={$query.params.q} placeholder="Search product...">

<button on:click={() => $fragment = '#login'}>Login</button>

<a href="/products/10" on:click={e => $path = '/products/10'}>
    Product 10

Using helper click

Auto-handling all links in the application.

<svelte:window on:click={click} />

<nav class="navigate">
    <a href="/">Home</a>
    <a href="/products">Products</a>
    <a href="/about">About</a>

<!-- links below will be excluded from the navigation -->
<nav class="not-navigate">
    <a href="">External link</a>
    <a href="/products" target="_blank">Open in new window</a>
    <a href="/path/" download>Download pricing table</a>
    <a href="/" target="_self">Navigate with full page reload</a>
    <a href="/cart" on:click|preventDefault|stopPropagation={doSomething}>
        Just stop click event bubbling

    import { click } from 'svelte-pathfinder';

Using helpers goto and back

<button on:click={() => back()}>Back</button> 
<button on:click={() => goto('/cart?tab=overview')}>Open cart</button>

    import { goto, back } from 'svelte-pathfinder';

Using helper submit

<!-- handle GET-forms -->
<form on:submit={submit} action="/products" method="GET">
    <!-- all hidden fields will be propagated to $state by name attributes -->

    <input type="hidden" name="uid" value={$state.uid}>

    <!-- all visible fields will be propagated to $query by name attributes -->

    <input name="q" value={$query.params.q} placeholder="Title...">

    <select name="option" value={$query.params.option}>

    <!-- even pushed submit button will be propagated to $query by name attribute -->

    <button name="type" value="quick">Quick search</button>
    <button name="type" value="fulltext">Fulltext search</button>

    import { submit, query, state } from 'svelte-pathfinder';

Optional side-effect (changing browser history and URL)

Router will automatically perform pushState to browser History API and listening popstate event if the following conditions are valid:

  • router works in browser and global objects are available (window & history).
  • router works in browser which is support pushState/popstate.
  • router works in top-level window and has no parent window (eg. iframe, frame, object,

If any condition is not applicable, the router will work properly but without side-effect (changing URL).

hashbang routing (#!)

Router will automatically switch to hashbang routing in the following conditions:

  • History API is not available.
  • web app has launched under file: protocol.
  • initial path contain exact file name with extension.


MIT © PaulMaly


State-based router for Svelte 3






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