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  • License: AGPL v3

Shopware 5 - Products Description Tabs Extension Plugin


The plugin is for Shopware open source e-commerce software.

You want create more tabs on the product description on the product details page? Then this plugin is right for you.

Install this Plugin and you can add additional descriptions and caption in product data.



  • Download this repository as Zip-File
  • Open the Plugin-Manager in Shopware 5 - Backend
  • Choose 'Installed' and click 'Add a Plugin' Button
  • Select the PluginZip-File in File-Dialog
  • Click 'Upload Plugin'
  • rebuilding the templates
  • Look at installed plugins list and enable SwagTabExt plugin


Open the SwagTabExt plugin in Plugin-Manager in Shopware - Backend. Setup your tab caption and the freetext field mapping in Plugin-Configuration.

Shopware 5 Plugin-Manager

Add new freetext fields in Shop Settings.

Shopware 5 Shop-Settings

Write down your descriptions in product in the bottom.

Shopware 5 Product

Copying / License

Shopware is distributed under a dual license (AGPL v3 and proprietary license). You can find the whole license text in the 'license.txt' file in Shopware repository.

This plugin is under AGPL v3 license. Look at LICENSE file in this repository.

Further reading