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Welcome to the adva_cms wiki!


  • Q: How can I translate adva-cms? Where can I find the locale files?
A: Currently you can set I18n.default_locale in initializer to :de, :fi or :en. You can find most of the translations in adva_cms/locale directory and some of them in other engines. This isn’t complete, yet. We intend to support both UI and content translation in the future, though.
  • Q: Is the template system in adva-cms operational ? How does the interface and the directory structure behind it work?
A: The theme system in adva-cms is operational. Create files named exactly the way they’re named in adva-cms itself and they will be overwritten. E.g. you could overwrite the view/template
with a theme template named:
The “templates” segment of this path will be prepended automatically based on the extension if it’s not present.
  • Q: Once I login in my admin panel I’m editing the “site-1”, but I cannot find any interface to configure multiple sites?
A: This is basically the same as in Mephisto. adva-cms supports a single-site mode and a multi-site mode. For the multi-site mode a more advanced front-end server setup is required while the single-site mode works out of the box with any working Rails setup. Thus single-site is the default. To enable the multi-site mode put this into an initializer:
ActionController::Dispatcher.to_prepare do
Site.multi_sites_enabled = true
  • Q: How do I enable the FCKeditor on adva-cms?
A: First you have to install adva_fckeditor plugin if you do not have it in your vendor/plugins directory.
rake adva:install plugins=adva_fckeditor
Just add “Fckeditor.load!” in your initializer after the installation and you are done.
  • Q: Adva-forum does not show up in the section creation page, why is that?
A: Adva-forum is currently disabled because we are not actively working on that part and the forum is still on experimental state and has some known problems in it. If you want to have it you can edit the init.rb file found in engines/adva_forum and uncomment following lines:
  # config.to_prepare do
  #   Section.register_type 'Forum'
  # end


  • Note: Make sure you have adva_cells plugin installed (“rake adva:install plugins=adva_cells”)
  • Q: What is a content cell and how do I use content cell in my content?
A: Content cell displays links to latest content that is created on your website. Input following XML snippet to your content to use it:
<cell name=“content/recent” count=“3” order=“created_at ASC”/>
count variable is the amount of content you want to show (defaults to 5) and order (defaults to “created_at DESC”) is the sort order of the contents.
  • Q: How do I use contact mailer cell?
A: In addition to adva_cell plugin, you have to install adva_contact_mails engine also (“rake adva:install engines=adva_contact_mails”) After this you can use following snippet to add a contact mailer to your content (snippet shows all the supported fields):
<cell name=“contact_mailer/mailer_form” recipients=“,”>
<field title=“Contact mailer” level=“1” type=“header” />
<field name=“subject” label=“Subject” type=“text_field” value=“default subject” />
<field name=“body” label=“Body” type=“text_area” />
<field name=“radio button” label=“Radio button” type=“radio_button” checked=“true” value=‘100’ />
<field name=“check box” label=“Checkbox” type=“check_box” checked=“true” value=‘100’ />
<field name=“rating” label=“Rate us!” type=“select”>
<option value=“1” label=“Good” />
<option value=“2” label=“Bad” />
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