Hashr.new should raise ArgumentError on bad input #2

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drbrain commented Feb 21, 2012

$ ruby -Ilib -rhashr -ryaml -e 'p Hashr.new YAML.load "travis"'
./lib/hashr.rb:41:in `initialize': undefined method `deep_symbolize_keys' for "travis":String (NoMethodError)
    from -e:1:in `new'
    from -e:1

While passing in a String is obviously garbage input, when loading from YAML (say, via travis-lint) if the YAML file contains parseable garbage a meaningful error should be raised by Hashr like ArgumentError.


svenfuchs commented Feb 21, 2012



Thanks for reporting, Eric!

svenfuchs closed this in #10 Aug 31, 2014

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