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# I18n locale fallbacks are useful when you want your application to use
# translations from other locales when translations for the current locale are
# missing. E.g. you might want to use :en translations when translations in
# your applications main locale :de are missing.
# To enable locale fallbacks you can simply include the Fallbacks module to
# the Simple backend - or whatever other backend you are using:
# I18n::Backend::Simple.include(I18n::Backend::Fallbacks)
module I18n
@@fallbacks = nil
class << self
# Returns the current fallbacks implementation. Defaults to +I18n::Locale::Fallbacks+.
def fallbacks
@@fallbacks ||= I18n::Locale::Fallbacks.new
# Sets the current fallbacks implementation. Use this to set a different fallbacks implementation.
def fallbacks=(fallbacks)
@@fallbacks = fallbacks
module Backend
module Fallbacks
# Overwrites the Base backend translate method so that it will try each
# locale given by I18n.fallbacks for the given locale. E.g. for the
# locale :"de-DE" it might try the locales :"de-DE", :de and :en
# (depends on the fallbacks implementation) until it finds a result with
# the given options. If it does not find any result for any of the
# locales it will then throw MissingTranslation as usual.
# The default option takes precedence over fallback locales only when
# it's a Symbol. When the default contains a String, Proc or Hash
# it is evaluated last after all the fallback locales have been tried.
def translate(locale, key, options = {})
return super if options[:fallback]
default = extract_non_symbol_default!(options) if options[:default]
options[:fallback] = true
I18n.fallbacks[locale].each do |fallback|
catch(:exception) do
result = super(fallback, key, options)
return result unless result.nil?
rescue I18n::InvalidLocale
# we do nothing when the locale is invalid, as this is a fallback anyways.
return super(locale, nil, options.merge(:default => default)) if default
throw(:exception, I18n::MissingTranslation.new(locale, key, options))
def extract_non_symbol_default!(options)
defaults = [options[:default]].flatten
first_non_symbol_default = defaults.detect{|default| !default.is_a?(Symbol)}
if first_non_symbol_default
options[:default] = defaults[0, defaults.index(first_non_symbol_default)]
return first_non_symbol_default