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# encoding: utf-8
# The cascade module adds the ability to do cascading lookups to backends that
# are compatible to the Simple backend.
# By cascading lookups we mean that for any key that can not be found the
# Cascade module strips one segment off the scope part of the key and then
# tries to look up the key in that scope.
# E.g. when a lookup for the key :"" does not yield a result then
# the segment :bar will be stripped off the scope part :"" and the new
# scope :foo will be used to look up the key :baz. If that does not succeed
# then the remaining scope segment :foo will be omitted, too, and again the
# key :baz will be looked up (now with no scope).
# Defaults will only kick in after the cascading lookups haven't succeeded.
# This behavior is useful for libraries like ActiveRecord validations where
# the library wants to give users a bunch of more or less fine-grained options
# of scopes for a particular key.
# Thanks to Clemens Kofler for the initial idea and implementation! See
module I18n
@@fallbacks = nil
module Backend
module Cascade
def lookup(locale, key, scope = [], separator = nil)
return unless key
locale, *scope = I18n.send(:normalize_translation_keys, locale, key, scope, separator)
key = scope.pop
result = super
return result unless result.nil?
end while scope.pop
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