:default option with a \n char inside doesn't have expected output #81

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I'm trying to do something like this:

I18n.t(:unknown, :default => "Hello,\n world")

When I'm having a fallback mechanism in place:

I18n.backend.class.send(:include, I18n::Backend::Fallbacks)
I18n.fallbacks.map('de' => 'en')

the above fails, i.e. the result is "Hello,\n" instead of "Hello,\n world" .
I believe there is something wrong with the "\n" character.
Is this normal behaviour or I am doing something wrong ?


knapo commented Feb 24, 2011

Good catch. Thank you! It happened in Fallbacks backend in ruby 1.8.7, as Array(string) splits string on new line char. Fixed in 1c53c5d

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