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#319 Compare This branch is 183 commits ahead, 2 commits behind mattetti:master.
Latest commit d4fb998 @carlosantoniodasilva carlosantoniodasilva :scissors:
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base.rb Remove not used variable
cache.rb Updated cache.rb doc as was suggesting calling protected method #include
cascade.rb make sure, already cached scope is not modified, fixes issue #160
chain.rb :scissors:
fallbacks.rb Fix error when including Fallbacks on non-Simple backend
flatten.rb Allows to store translations without escaping separator.
gettext.rb A more helpful message when number of plurals on po file is inconsist…
interpolation_compiler.rb Officially drop support to Ruby 1.8/REE and Rails < 3.2
key_value.rb Remove the need for TokyoCabinet and Rufus dependency to run the tests
metadata.rb Make :include public on I18n::Backend::Simple
pluralization.rb Fix #98 minor update in documentation
simple.rb Make :include public on I18n::Backend::Simple
transliterator.rb Do not do any utf8 conversion, assume valid data is received
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