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simple plugin that adds a full archives view to Mephisto's own archives
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PLEASE NOTE I’ve imported this
repository to GitHub because I still receive requests related to it. I do not
intend to further maintain it actively. If you are interested in working on
the code I will happily give you full access to the repository, just drop me a
note ( or send me a GitHub message). I also might
help you out with advise or pointers but I sadly can not invest tons of time
into it.

Mephisto Full Archives (Tricky Edition)

This is a pretty simple plugin that adds a full archives view to Mephisto’s
own archives. By “full archive” simply a list of all your blog posts is meant,
most probably just titles grouped by month.

You’ll need to change your templates/archive.liquid template to use this. See
lib/templates/archive.liquid.example for an example of an archive liquid

Probably outdated:

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