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Mephisto anti-comment-spam plugin that adds an "outer floodgate" to the existing (Akismet) spam-protection

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PLEASE NOTE I’ve imported this repository to GitHub because I still receive
requests related to it. I do not intend to further maintain it actively. If
you are interested in working on the code I will happily give you full access
to the repository, just drop me a note ( or send me
a GitHub message). I also might help you out with advise or pointers but I
sadly can not invest tons of time into it.

Mephisto Plugin: Inverse Captcha for Comments (anti-spam)

Highly efficient anti-comment-spam trick that adds an outer floodgate to Mephistos already very good spam-protection (Akismet).

This plugin easily extends your Mephisto blog with an inverse captcha mechanism which relies exclusively on CSS. No JS, no user action required. It even falls back/plays nice with non-CSS clients.

By “highly efficient” I mean: I had to delete about 3 manually crafted spam comments in 2 years. That’s about it.

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