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c4921f0 add number.human.storage_units
Tsechingho authored
1 .DS_Store
2ac921d @tsechingho add missing sentances to pass test of structure.rb
tsechingho authored
2 Icon?
3 ._*
8a92584 @jofi eclipse .project file ignored
jofi authored
4 .project
0e89df6 @kuroda Add RSpec
kuroda authored
5 Gemfile.lock
161ea3a @kuroda Add *.gem to .gitignore
kuroda authored
6 rails-i18n-*.gem
57cb98d @leosoto Ignore emacs backup files
leosoto authored
7 *~
ba648c3 @rbudiharso fix locale for indonesian
rbudiharso authored
8 *.sw[pno]
0e89df6 @kuroda Add RSpec
kuroda authored
9 doc
10 log
4a3bc6b @PapePathe added wolof from Sénégal West Africa
PapePathe authored
11 bin
12 .idea
13 .bundle
0e89df6 @kuroda Add RSpec
kuroda authored
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