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tomeric commented Jan 17, 2013

We're working on a site that needs the Latin alphabet version of the Serbian locale (scr). This locale, together with a number of other ISO-639-2 locales have been moved to a different directory 4 months ago (See: 4fb32b9).

Unfortunately, this means that the locale is never loaded, the pattern generated during initialisation only loads files that are in the root of the locale directory.

There are 2 solutions for this problem:

  1. Move the ISO-639-2 locales back into the locale directory
  2. Change the pattern to include files in subdirectories

I'm willing to provide a pull request, but I'd like to know the direction I should choose as I do not know the reason these locales are in their special directory in the first place.

tigrish commented Jan 19, 2013

Hey @tomeric,

Those locales were moved out because the current validations don't support the ISO-639-2 scheme or the script subtag.

Implementing the script subtag (defined by ISO 15924) in the repo would be the thing to do before moving scr back into the locale directory. And bonus, it would be renamed to sr-Latn too.

tomeric commented Jan 20, 2013

Are you talking about ActiveModel validations, or about these validations?

1.9.3-p286-falcon :015 >'sr').valid?
 => true
1.9.3-p286-falcon :014 >'sr-Latn').valid?
 => false
1.9.3-p286-falcon :016 >'scr').valid?
 => false

I can't seem to find the code in this gem that hooks rails-i18n, only in i18n-spec. Is this change in the iso gem only needed so the specs will pass, or does it actually break stuff in real applications? If it doesn't break anything, I can monkeypatch the load path in my own application.

In the mean time, may I suggest that you remove the ISO-639-2 locales from the README's available locale section? I can try to add the desired functionality to the iso gem, but I have no experience with that so it will take some time.

tigrish commented Jan 22, 2013

Yep, you've found the right validations, you'd want'sr-Latn').valid? to return true.

paddor commented Oct 15, 2013


A quick and dirty workaround is to include the subdirectory in the locale name when defining the app's available locales. Example:

# in application.rb
config.i18n.available_locales = ["iso-639-2/gsw-CH"] # HACK
config.i18n.default_locale = "gsw-CH"


It'd be nice to support the broader set of ISO639-2 codes



@paddor your solution only works if you are not using the available locales form something else. It is not compatible with i18n_routing for example.

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