Date format in en-us. #377

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Exoth commented Sep 19, 2013

At the moment en-us.yml contains this:

  default: ! '%m-%d-%Y'

But says this:

"The most commonly used separator in the all-numeric form is the slash (/), although the hyphen (-) is also common."

And I think that the most popular date formatting should be used in rails-i18n, so we should use / instead of -.

Exoth commented Sep 19, 2013

The same goes for en-gb.yml, en-ca.yml, en-nz.yml, and en-au.yml. There are -, but / is the most popular separator.


toncid commented Feb 17, 2015

Not to mention timezone in the default date/time format (e.g. default: ! '%a, %d %b %Y %H:%M:%S %z'). Not sure what the logic behind default format is, but it's definitely not human-readable.


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