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Update the readme to reflect the new testing procedure

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## Running the tests
-There are two Gemfiles in the `ci` directory in order to run the tests against different dependencies. The Rails 3 Gemfile is symlinked to the root folder, so it will be used by default.
+To run the tests against different dependencies [appraisal]( is used.
-Running the tests with Rails 3.x:
+Running the tests for all supported Rails versions:
$ bundle install
- $ ruby -Itest -Ilib test/all.rb
+ $ bundle exec rake all
-Running the tests with Rails 2.3.x:
+Running the tests for a single version, for example Rails 3.1:
- $ BUNDLE_GEMFILE=ci/Gemfile.rails-2.3.x bundle install
- $ BUNDLE_GEMFILE=ci/Gemfile.rails-2.3.x ruby -Itest -Ilib test/all.rb
+ $ bundle install
+ $ bundle exec rake appraisal:rails-3.1 test
+Valid appraisal targets include rails-2.3, rails-3.0, rails-3.1 and rails-3.2
## Filter order
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