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current_page?('/en/my/current/page') returns false even if '/en/my/current/page' is the current url.

current_page?('/my/current/page') returns true.


which version of routing_filter are you talking about? what's your rails version? and how did you set routing_filter up?


I use Rails 3.0.0.rc and routing_filter 0.1.6

Given the following Route-File:
AppName::Application.routes.draw do
filter :locale

kuroda commented Jul 13, 2011

Hi, webhoernchen

With Rails 3.0.9 and routinig_filter 0.2.4, I could not reproduce.

I want to know if you have still this problem.

watson commented Feb 7, 2012

Hi, I have the exact same issue. I'm running Rails 3.1.3 and routing-filter 0.3.0

macovsky commented Mar 3, 2012

same here: Rails 3.2.1 and routing-filter 0.3.0

macovsky commented Mar 3, 2012

but on Rails 3.1.3 + routing-filter 0.2.4 it works fine.

@kuroda kuroda was assigned Mar 4, 2012
kuroda commented Mar 4, 2012

@watson, @macovsky


Reproduced on Rails 3.2.2 + routing-filter 0.3.0. Workaround is not yet found, though.

kuroda commented Mar 4, 2012

I found the cause of this issue.

The return value of request.path changed between the version 0.2.4 and 0.3.0.

When I get a page with /en/my/current/page on routing-filter 0.2.4, request.path returns /en/my/current/page. But, on routing-filter 0.3.0, it returns /my/current/page.

Because current_page? helper compares the given path and request.path, we get wrong result on 0.3.0.

Unfortunately, I've not found the way to fix it.

yabawock commented May 8, 2012

Could somebody hitting this issue on Rails 3.2 test the fix? According to my tests routing-filter now behaves the same on Rails 3.1 and 3.2


Using Rails 3.2.2 - this fix solves the problem.



Thanks for the feedback, closing

@yabawock yabawock closed this May 10, 2012
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