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Enhanced documentation to describe include_default_locale feature #45

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This should help people to find the solution more quickly.
See #23


+1 for merging it. I was just looking for this exact infrormation.

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@katafrakt @widescape sorry I missed this.

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@@ -60,6 +60,16 @@ Filters can also accept options:
filter :locale, :exclude => /^\/admin/
+The locale filter may be configured to not include the default locale:
+ # in config/initializers/routing_filter.rb
+ # Do not include default locale in generated URLs
+ RoutingFilter::Locale.include_default_locale = false
+ # Then if the default locale is :de
+ # products_path(:locale => 'de') => /products
+ # products_path(:locale => 'en') => /en/products
### Testing
RoutingFilter should not be enabled in functional tests by default since the Rails router gets
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