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The webdesign of Goethe-Universität Frankfurt, written in Bootstrap, LESS and CSS3.
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The Goethe-Universität Frankfurt webdesign for the masses

This repository contains the CSS (actually LESS) which resembles the layout of the new Goethe University Frankfurt website (since around 2013).

In contrast to the official layout, my version uses Bootstrap and therefore is mobile-first and fully responsive. This is not a pixel by pixel rebuilt of the official design, but it looks quite close. It also makes use of contemporary CSS3 features as gradients, rounded borders, shadows and inline images. Thus, there is no external dependency on (mini) layout images or sprites. This greatly reduces the loading time and scales much better.

Integrating Bootstrap features as well as Font Awesome icons, this layout is a great starting point to quickly craft web applications in the look and feel of the Frankfurt University branding. As it uses LESS all the way, it can be greatly adapted to personal needs.

In respect to LESS, the layout tries to recover separation of semantical meaning of Bootstrap classes and the logic.

Regarding the License, this project is released as Public Domain.

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