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Sitecore SOLR on Startup.sln

Sitecore SOLR on Startup

A Sitecore initialization pipeline that automatically creates SOLR cores on the target SOLR server - similar to the Sitecore Lucene functionality.

Getting Started

NuGet Package (recommended)

Install-Package Svenkle.SitecoreSolrOnStartup

Sitecore Package



What versions are supported?

Currently v5.1.0 for both SIM and MeasuredSearch

Can I use this on SOLR version X?

Yes. Just add the default configuration files for your SOLR version into the App_Data folder following the versioning convention. The folder name must match exactly to that of your target SOLR instance.

Will you support SOLR running in X and Y configuration?

Possibly. The supported instances may grow over time - please feel free to develop your own and submit a PR.