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Aug 10, 2020
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An A/V-adaptor board for the C64 This board is intended to connect to the Commodore C64 and use standard cables (audio, composite with RCA connector and/or s-video with a mini-DIN cable).

It also provides a 330Ohm connector, which attenuates the s-video chroma line. This resistor can be bridged with a jumper.

Also an optional stereo output on pin 7 of the a/v jack (stereo sid, FPGA SID etc.) can be connected to the right audio channel. By default, this channel is also connected to the (mono) audio output.

C64 A/V-Adaptor

C64 A/V-Adaptor (bottom)

C64 A/V-Adaptor (side view with cables)

There is another source of the Lumberg DIN connector found for north America:

#Case I have added a 3D printable case for this adaptor.

C64 A/V-Adaptor Case

C64 A/V-Adaptor Case

C64 A/V-Adaptor Case

C64 5-pin A/V-Adaptor Case

VIC-20 A/V-Adaptor Case

Revision 1

Rev. 1 is exactly the same as Rev. 0, except the spacer, that had to be cut off manually was removed to myke this board a little more mass production friendly. All masures and positions stayed the same. The BOM has not been changed, either (except the PCB Rev. No.).


I have added a price calculation with prices of May 2020. The prices per item were retrieved from They might differ from distributor to distributor (the Lumberg connectors are more expensive in North America) and they don't include any shipping fees.

A standard A/V Adaptor is worth 12,75€ plus the 3D printed case and label.


An A/V-adaptor board for the C64





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