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===== Tower Of Opposites =====
=== License ===
The artwork and code of this game are licensed under GPL v3 (
The music is licensed under Creative Commons by-nc-nd v3.0 (
=== Description ===
Survive as long as possible.
You can't take many hits from the opposites!
Use Q, A, W, S, E, D, R, F to morph into opposites.
=== Run ===
Dependencies you'll need for playing:
Python 2.6, PyOpenGL 3, Pygame 1.9
Just get those deps and run
Do not run if not on Win32!
=== Thanks And Resources ===
Thanks go out to the authors of the libs I use as well as the tools used.
Specificially Inkscape and sfxr.
I use music from the Hamster Alliance (
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