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Instant cheering for your desktop!
==== What? ====
This is a small, rather useless application that will spawn a small animated
cheering application on your desktop. Use it for simulating achievements or
general silliness.
==== How? ====
Make it and call it using
./instacheer.bin [-p pos] [-a anim] [-i icon] [-s sound] <text>
==== Options ====
-p pos is the screen position and one of: topleft, topcenter, topright,
centerright, bottomright, bottomcenter, bottomleft, centerleft, center.
Default is bottomcenter.
-a anim is one of the predefined animations.
Default is 1.
-i icon is the path to an icon image.
Default is the internal image.
-s sound is the path to a sound file played with the cheer.
Default is the internal cheer.
<text> is a necessary next shown with the cheer notification.