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zenity --info --title="Welcome to live.linuX-gamers!" --text "Here, I made you some info:
- To start an application, either <b>click the icon</b> or <b>right click on the desktop</b>
- To get your <b>Internet connection</b> working (in case it isn't), you need to <b>start Wicd (right click menu)</b> and enter the proper settings
- In case <b>sound</b> isn't working or too quiet/loud, fiddle around with <b>'alsamixer' (again, right click menu)</b>
- If the <b>panels</b> are blocking, <b>right click and choose 'Hide panels'</b>
- For more info, see the <b>Release Notes</b> in the right click menu
<b><span color='red'>You are using this distribution at your own risk.</span></b>"
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