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<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>
<var name="DisplayWidth" value="XXXX" />
<var name="DisplayHeight" value="YYYY" />
<var name="DisplayBPP" value="32" />
<var name="DisplayWindowed" value="false" />
<var name="DisplayMaxRenderFPS" value="50" />
<var name="DrawLib" value="OPENGL" />
<var name="DefaultProfile" value="asdasd" />
<var name="ScreenshotFormat" value="png" />
<var name="StoreReplays" value="true" />
<var name="ReplayFrameRate" value="25.000000" />
<var name="CompressReplays" value="true" />
<var name="WebLevelsURL" value="" />
<var name="WebDbSyncUploadURL" value="" />
<var name="WebThemesURL" value="" />
<var name="WebThemesURLBase" value="" />
<var name="WebHighscoreUploadURL" value="" />
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