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Browse files We don't need hdt, take it out

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1 parent 39cbc48 commit e3982c1ef72c6034fa5db9aea6458f9bd785f41f @svenstaro committed May 3, 2011
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2 overlay/opt/bin/
@@ -74,7 +74,7 @@ copy_files()
cp ${MNTPNT}/syslinux/*.0 ${TMPDIR}
cp ${MNTPNT}/syslinux/*.c32 ${TMPDIR}
cp ${MNTPNT}/syslinux/*.com ${TMPDIR}
- cp -r ${MNTPNT}/syslinux/hdt ${TMPDIR}
+ #cp -r ${MNTPNT}/syslinux/hdt ${TMPDIR}
for _cfg in ${MNTPNT}/syslinux/*.cfg; do
sed 's|^#IPAPPEND|IPAPPEND|g' ${_cfg} > ${TMPDIR}/$(basename ${_cfg})

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