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Samual commented Oct 18, 2011

Hey -- considering you are Linux gamers, i'm sure you probably know what Xonotic is.. but just in case, here's a quick description: Xonotic is the successor to the Nexuiz project, an opensource fact paced FPS similar to UT and Quake styled gameplay...

On the behalf of Team Xonotic, i'd like to ask for Xonotic 0.5 to be added to the LiveCD... Also, perhaps remove Nexuiz from the distro as well? Nexuiz has not had any development activity for well over a year, and there is no one interested in continuing that project... all of us Nexuiz developers went to Xonotic ^_^

I can understand leaving Nexuiz for a bit longer, but still... it's a dead-project-walking for the most part.

Anyway, thanks, and i'll check back to see any feedback/responses you have to this request.


This will happen when Arch exchanges Nexuiz with Xonotic. However, I'll have to decide when that happens since I'm the maintainer for both packages. Frankly, it is fairly hard to decide when to drop Nexuiz because it is still a very popular package and technically Xonotic doesn't completely replace Nexuiz in that it is not exactly the same.

Since you are a Nexuiz/Xonotic dev, perhaps you can join us on a discussion in aur-general?

@svenstaro svenstaro was assigned Oct 19, 2011
Samual commented Oct 19, 2011

Fair enough for keeping Nexuiz, the goal was simply to tunnel players to Xonotic instead of the outdated Nexuiz -- but sure I can understand that.

And yeah sure i'll make an account now ^_^


Alright, I shot a mail to aur-general. Feel free to weight in.

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