Pseudoform is a community-driven collaboration project that aims to create an involving and brain-melting first-person puzzle-solving game.
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Pseudoform README

Some clearing up
Clarification for everything that is to follow:
* Portalized is the name of the game engine
* Pseudoform is the name of the overall project, the idea and all media included
Any references to Pseudoform therefore also address Portalized because Portalized
is a necessary part of this project.

The project is licensed under the zlib license described in COPYING. 
The license applies to the Portalized game engine code, Pseudoform media and 
Pseudoform documents. 
It does not apply to the third party libraries Portalized is linked against.
If you want to find out about the third party libraries, please look them up
in the doc/ directory.

Control and configuration
Relevant configuration files are:
	data/scripts/bind.lua for looking up and settings keybindings
	data/scripts/root.xml for changing the resolution and screen mode.
Do NOT change the plugins line in root.xml.

Standard configuration for editor mode is:
Left Mouse Hold         -       Move on XZ plane
Right Mouse Hold        -       Look around XY
Left+Right Mouse        -       Move on XY plane
Middle mouse            -       Drag object (needs simulation to be started)
1, 2, 3                 -       Gizmos for transformations
Del                     -       Delete selected object
Escape                  -       Go back from game mode
CTRL-D                  -       Duplicate selection

Standard configuration for game mode is:
W, A, S, D		-	Standard FPS movement
Space			-	Jump

Known problems
- The game is currently not found to be working with Intel integrated graphics chips.
- ATI users should use D3D in root.xml instead of OGL if they see issues with OGL
- Some ATI cards do currently not work at all using either renderer

Problems reporting
If there are problems, bugs or other issues, tell us so on our 
forums on Please also read the stickies.

Have fun
Greetings to everyone in the community!
Sven-Hendrik 'Svenstaro' Haase <>


Copyright (c) 2008-2009 Agop 'nullsquared' Shirinian and Sven-Hendrik 'Svenstaro' Haase

This file is part of Pseudoform (Pseudoform project at