🖩 Do live calculations in rofi!
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🖩 Do live calculations in rofi!

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A rofi plugin that uses libqalculate's qalc to parse natural language input and provide results.

Since this uses libqalculate's amazing qalc you can try natural language queries such 500 + 25% or 5000 EUR to USD or 150 to hex. It can also solve linear equations on the fly. Try 60x + 30 = 50, for instance.

Run rofi like:

rofi -show calc -modi calc -no-show-match -no-sort

It's convenient to bind it to a key combination in i3. For instance, you could use:

bindsym $mod+c exec --no-startup-id "rofi -show calc -modi calc -no-show-match -no-sort"



You need a C compilation toolchain (a cc, autoconf, pkg-config, ...), rofi (version >= 1.5) as well as libqalculate (version > 2.0).

You will also need development headers for rofi and libqalculate. Depending on your distribution these may be included in different packages:

  • Arch, Gentoo: included with rofi, libqalculate
  • OpenSUSE: zypper in rofi qalculate
  • Debian: dpkg --install rofi-dev qalc libqalculate-dev
  • Ubuntu: apt install rofi-dev qalc libqalculate-dev
  • Solus: eopkg it rofi-devel libqalculate-devel
  • CentOS, Fedora: Install qalculate libqalculate-devel (find rofi-devel headers yourself)
  • Others: look it up :)

Some distributions ship an extremely outdated version of libqalculate so you might have to compile your own.


Package Manager

From source

rofi-calc uses autotools as build system. If installing from git, the following steps should install it:

$ autoreconf -i
$ mkdir build
$ cd build/
$ ../configure
$ make
$ make install