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  • P3PreparedStatement is now joined by a polymorphic P3FormattedStatement working client side on text strings
  • P3PreparedStatement & P3FormattedStatement now share the same double dispatch mechanism to process argument binding
  • Added convenience methods #listDatabases #listSchemas & #listTablesInSchema: to P3Client
  • Added convenience methods #firstColumnData & #firstFieldOfFirstRecord to P3Result
  • Added dynamic ENUM support via #loadEnums in P3Client
  • Add support for the 7 geometric types POINT, CIRCLE, LINE, LSEG, POLYGON & PATH with corresponding objects P3Point, P3Circle, P3Line, P3LineSegment, P3Polygon & P3Path
  • Add support for the INTERVAL type with P3Interval object
  • Added P3Client>>#serverVersion accessor
  • Add support for BIT & VARBIT types with P3FixedBitString & P3BitString objects
  • Add TIMETZ support
  • Organised P3 package with tags
  • More & better documentation & unit tests
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