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I am ZTimestamp. I am a Magnitude. I represent a point in time, a combination of a date and a time.

I am an alternative for DateAndTime and TimeStamp. I have second precision and live in the UTC/GMT/Zulu timezone. I use ISO/International conventions and protocols only. I support some essential arithmetic.

I have an efficient internal representation:

  • jnd - the julian day number
  • secs - the number of seconds since midnight, the beginning of the day


ZTimestamp now.
ZTimestamp fromString: '1969-07-20T20:17:40Z'.

I am somewhat compatible with existing, standard Chronology objects. I correctly parse representations with a timezone designator and can print a representation in arbitrary timezones.

(ZTimestamp fromString: DateAndTime now truncated printString) localPrintString.

Where ?

Use ConfigurationOfZTimestamp in to load me.


I come with a number of related tools: ZTimestampFormat (example based date/time formatting and parsing), ZTimestampSNTPClient and ZTimestampPreciseSNTPClient (check clock synchronization).