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Google Cloud Platform related things
HCL Shell Makefile
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CloudSQL fix Mar 20, 2018
Create Master Terraform Project and Service Account updates Feb 12, 2018
Create Project cleanup Feb 12, 2018
MIG Update Apr 26, 2018
consul Update Apr 26, 2018
consul_vars Update master.yml Apr 26, 2018
gke Update Feb 16, 2018
http-https-redirect/myimage Add files via upload Jan 28, 2019
log_purge Update stackdriver.txt Jul 17, 2019
nginx-ingress-controller Add files via upload Jan 28, 2019
packer install stress Mar 1, 2018
vpc typo and ILB Feb 12, 2018 update Mar 20, 2018


Collection of Packer, Terraform, Consul, Ansible and other GCP related sample scripts. All Terraform and Packer scripts uses a GCP service account and a JSON file with your account token. It assumes you've set the proper roles to your service account.

  • consul - The blog post folder
  • consul_vars - introducing file to consul
  • Create Master TF Project and SA
  • Create Project
  • gce (Compute engine)
  • gcs-backend (enable gcs backend for terraform state file)
  • gke (Kubernetes engine)
  • MIG (Managed Instance Group)
  • packer
  • vault
  • vpc and firewall
  • CloudSQL
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