Example 01::Typical Blog

This example site shows how the pagination gem can be used on a simple blog site.

The site is generated using the jekyll built in new command jekyll new myblog and it uses the default minima theme.

After generating the pagination gem was installed using

gem install jekyll-paginate-v2


The blog has only one type of posts, blog posts. No category pagination is performed. To implement the pagination for the minima theme the _layouts/home.html needed to be modified to call the pagination logic.

The _includes/header.html was also overridden to omit listing the auto-generated pagination sites at the top of the header part.

Setup configuration

The gem is added to the _config.yml file under

  - jekyll-paginate-v2

as well as to the Gemfile into the main loop

group :jekyll_plugins do
  gem "jekyll-paginate-v2"
  gem "jekyll-feed"

At this point is is advisable to delete the Gemfile.lock file to clear out any potential issues with gem caching and dependency issues (no worries this file will be auto generated for you again).

Configuring the pagination

Add the pagination configuration to _config.yml

# Pagination Settings
  enabled: true
  per_page: 3
  permalink: '/page/:num/'
  title_suffix: ' - page :num'
  limit: 0
  sort_field: 'date'
  sort_reverse: true

Due to the way the entries in the blog utilize multiple categories it is also good to explicitly state the permalink format to avoid excessive nesting of the post pages. So place the following line into the _config.yml file as well

# Produces a cleaner folder structure when using categories
permalink: /:year/:month/:title.html

Completing the setup

Now the pagination simply needs to be enabled in the index.html file.

layout: home
  enabled: true

That is it, no further configuration is needed!

Try building the site yourself using jekyll build or jekyll serve.

Testing backwards compatability

In the _config.yml file remove or comment out the new pagination: configuration and paste/uncomment the following configuration instead.

# Old jekyll-paginate pagination logic
paginate: 3
paginate_path: "/legacy/page:num/"

Now run jekyll serve again and the gem will generate the pagination according to the old jekyll-paginate rules and behavior.

You must disable the new pagination configuration for the old one to work. You cannot run both configurations at the same time.

Cheers ❤️